Lyre Studio

An Unrivalled Haven of Luxury.

Welcome to Lyre Studio - your premier destination for a world of high-end luxury in Exeter, exclusively located within the exquisite Winslade Park. At Lyre Studio, we redefine beauty and wellness with a fusion of science and holistic vision, guided by the expertise of our extraordinary team.

At Lyre Studio, we transcend the traditional salon experience; we epitomise a lifestyle.

Our ethos revolves around harmoniously fusing the timeless elegance of quintessential British luxury with exceptional global influences, all intricately woven into the vibrant tapestry of Exeter. Our studio is a resounding testament to this philosophy, delivering an unrivalled and all-encompassing experience that seamlessly intertwines holistic beauty, hairdressing, and well-being. Discover the artistry, luxury, and innovation that await you at Lyre Studio in Winslade Park.

Your journey towards a transformed sense of self begins here.